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Reviewing: Rocketfish Bluetooth Keyboard & Laser Mouse  |  Rating:
compeek By compeek on
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I got this set on Black Friday for only $40 after rebate. Rocketfish is owned by Best Buy, so I wasn't sure how good this would be. But it was a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse set for only 40 bucks, so I figured I'd get it. I'm glad I did.

The keyboard and mouse look pretty cool. The colors are black, silver, and red, so you get a stylish look. The keyboard is pretty big, so it's not extremely portable. It's quite comfortable though. There is a built in pad for the wrists, so you don't need a separate one. The mouse is a normal sized mouse. It is fairly ergonomic, although not as much so as the higher quality mice. But that's expected. The only problem I have with the mouse is that the curved back doesn't go all the way down. But I've gotten used to it and don't notice it.

The media buttons are a nice touch. You get an Internet button, search button, email button, volume up button, and volume down button on the left side. On the right side you get a play/pause button, stop button, next track button, previous track button, and mute button. The mouse even has a play/pause button, next and previous track buttons, and a stop button. I don't use them, but they could be useful. The keyboard is a full keyboard with a standard layout, so there's nothing new to get used to.

One downside to this is that they use up batteries more quickly than I would like. I've already gone through a couple of sets since Christmas. By the way, both the keyboard and mouse need two AA batteries.

The reason I only gave the speed a 3.4/5 is this. The keyboard and mouse have power saving features where they shut them selves off after so long of inactivity. When you go to use them again, it usually takes 3-5 seconds for them to start responding. Once in use, though, the speed is great.

Overall, this is a pretty nice keyboard and mouse set if you can find it for a good price.