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It's A Grey Area

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This is a review about my husband. We own a restaurant and one day an older lady customer, in her 70's, made a remark to my husband about how grey his hair was. It's not really grey...he does have a few grey hairs but hey everyone at his age is starting to show grey hairs. Her statement to him made him think about coloring his hair. I told him my father used to use this liquid stuff called Grecian to cover some of his grey hairs. We decided to check it out on our next shopping trip.

We found the product at Krogers, our grocery store. I was surprised that they still make this product. We purchased it and took it home to read the instructions. Seemed simple enough...just apply daily for 2 to 3 weeks and you get some of your natural hair color back. Okay, by the time 2 to 3 weeks had gone by, we had noticed a difference. Nothing revelational, but a difference none the less. So he continues to use it.

He simply washes and dries his hair and applies Grecian to his hands and massages it into his hair. That's it. It says to keep using it once or twice a week to maintain the results after using it for three weeks. It has a conditioner in the formula which makes his hair feel really soft. It's supposed to have some "similar" type of pigment that acts like melanin. I think the package pictures give false hopes to men. It shows a grey hair at the start of week 1 and by week three, the hair is completely brown. This is not the case. Yes, it conditions and any type of product that you put in your hair will inrease the diameter of it. But as far as turning it back to your original color in three weeks......not really.

I have noticed a difference and as long as he is happy, I am happy. All I could think of to say to that lady was .....shame on you for saying that. He would never have said that to you!