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It's A Me Mario!

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Craig Stephenson By Craig Stephenson on
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Super Mario 64 was the first ever super mario game to be presented in 3D. Many, many gamers couldn't wait until the day super mario 64 was released was it going to be a smash hit just like his previous 2D games, or was it going to be a disaster. Of course it turned out to be amazing the way mario moved brilliantly in 3D, his moves he could perform whilst shouting words with glee ya! wahoo! yipee!! The way the levels were presented and the way you had to fight bowser and the music, yes everything about this game was groundbreaking stuff!

Like almost every Mario game princess peach has been kidnapped by bowser and has hidden himself and peach in the walls of princess peach's castle. Mario must find the power stars which are hidden in secret paintings and walls inside the castle, in order for mario to find bowser and rescue the princess.

The gameplay is revoloutionary and has set the example for most 3D platforming games. Princess peach's castle is the main hub level in mario 64, mario can explore the castle and its grounds to find secret paintings and walls he can jump into. Once he finds a painting he can jump into he is transported to a course, and each course has six challenges to complete. Your award once you complete a challenge is a power star! Once mario collects more power stars he can go deeper into the castle and find new courses to complete and earn new but more difficult power stars. Until you have collected enough stars to find out where bowser is hiding and defeat him!

Mario has new moves this time around he can punch, kick, jump do foward, backwards and even sideways somersaults. He can grap ledges do wall kicks and even a ground pound which mario jumps in the air and slams down on his arse (this plumber really will stop at nothing to get his princess back!) There are other moves he can perform as well and with the help of different caps he can vanish, turn his whole body into metal he can even fly!!

All these things and more make marios first 3D adventure outstanding the levels get harder and harder as you go on but not too hard so you think its impossible. There are new power ups to find, secret stars to get, cannons to blast out of, koopa troopas to race. And many many more things each challenge is different so the game never feels samey, this game really is a masterpeice and a must have if you have a nintendo 64 buy it!!! If you have a nintendo wii download it from the virtual console it really is a must have!!