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It's A Miracle

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Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food is easy to use and very effective.

I like a general purpose fertilizer rather than having different ones for flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, etc. Though I might be giving up a bit of effectiveness, I am willing to accept that versus having many different containers of plant food. That said, I do believe Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food does a decent job on the whole spectrum of my plants.

I use Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food in two different forms:

1. Water Soluble (for application with sprayer or watering can, 15-30-15)

2. Shake'n Feed Slow Release Plant Food (pellets which are scattered on outdoor plants, 10-10-10)

I use the Water Soluble Plant Food for my indoor plants by mixing it in a small watering container.

I use the Shake'n Feed Slow Release Plant Food for all of my outdoor fertilizer needs. The plastic jug-like container seals tightly and has an integrated shaker dispenser top which folds out of the way for easy storage. I find the shaker top a little imprecise, so I normally spread the feed with a gloved hand. The protective plastic cover can be used as a convenient and easy to use funnel to refill the jug from more economical bags of Shake'n Feed.

The instructions provided are straightforward and reasonably complete. There is a money back satisfaction guarantee.

It is recommended that Shake'n Feed be used every 3 months during the growing season. Indoors, the Water Soluble food can be used every two weeks, but this seems like overkill to me.

Note: Shake'n Feed should never be used in a sprayer or watering can. It is only for outdoor use.

Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food meets all my fertilizing needs.