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Its A Miracle All Right.Miracle Gro.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I must say I am an absolute fan of this product, having used it for many Years. It is available in half Kilo and One Kilo boxes, and also two and four Kilo sizes too. Each box contains a simple plastic bag, full of Blue crystals. There is also a measuring spoon enclosed. Expect to pay about Four Pounds odd for a 500g box.

The spoon is for adding these crystals to a water container, such as you common or garden watering can. If used inn a can, this stuff is very good, but I do like to use it in a feeder. These cost about seven Pounds-ish, and give a very easy application of Miracle Gro, to all your plants. The feeder will spray all over lawns, into planters and hanging baskets, and over beds. It is the most sensible way to deliver this wonderful product.

The Company was founded in 1951, and is not actually called "Miracle Gro", it is simply Scotts, but I must say I prefer the term Miracle Gro, as it is a bit of a Miracle. It will help any plant, and of course that includes weeds, to grow higher, faster, and more likely to produce seeds. Please read the instructions before buying, as some plants would rather have specialist fertiliser. Tomatoes for instance like another product, (which happens to be made by the Miracle Gro Company).

The crystals are easily dissolved in water, can be applied in any weather apart from bone dry conditions, and will work wonders for your garden. Of course there will be those who have the perfect soil, with all the right nutrients, perfect drainage, and exactly the right amount of Sun. These lucky people will have no need for such products, however, these are perhaps one in a Thousand! For the rest of us -I recommend Miracle Gro.