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It's A Shark!!!

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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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I am always on the lookout for a cordless vacuum that has some power. I have been disappointed many times. This Shark Cordless Sweeper has some very good features, but it also lacks in suction power. However, since I have an area rug in my kitchen that I vacuum every evening after dinner, it is very convenient to have a cordless sweeper nearby. It saves me having to get out the larger vacuum, unwind the long cord, and plug it in. So for the reason that I bought this Shark Cordless Sweeper, it is adequate. I also like to use it on throw rugs that larger vacuums tend to "eat up." I can't tell you how many area rugs I have damaged with a more powerful regular vacuum--particularly the corners.

Instructions say to charge this vacuum for 20 hours before the initial use, or the battery's life will be reduced greatly. I did that, but wasn't impressed with the power I experienced. However, the directions do indicate that it may take several charges for the vacuum to fully exhibit its strongest power. So we will see...

The sweeper does require a little bit of assembly, but I was able to put it together very easily. I very much like the way the dust container is easily removed and emptied. It simply slides out from the side. A simple "ON" "OFF" switch can be operated with the foot, and the sweeper is very quiet. All in all, this is a nice little sweeper for small jobs, but it is not designed to take on heavier tasks.

Update On Aug 13, 2009: The more I use this sweeper, the better I like it! It is weak on suction power, but it is a sweeper after all, and not a vacuum. I find it very handy for throw rugs, the kitchen and bathroom floors, and quick cleanups. Perhaps I judged it a little harshly too quickly!