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It's Christmas Time In South Park

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If you want to bring a little joy into the holiday season, what else is better than watching Christmas in SouthPark? This DVD contains two classic episodes-- Merry Christmas Charlie Manson and Chinpoko Mon. I got this used at Gamestop for $10 a couple of years ago and luckily it worked pretty well in my DVD player without skipping.

The whole DVD is 124 minutes long, but it is filled with plenty of humor that all those minutes will go by quickly in no time. Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classic is hosted by Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo himself as your favorite Holidays songs is sung South Park style-- 'O Holy Night' by Eric Cartman, Satan's 'Christmas Time In Hell' and many more.

Merry Christmas Charlie Manson- This episode is when Stan wanted to go with Eric and his mother to visit his relatives out of state along with Kenny and Kyle. Stan parents say no yet he goes with his friends anyway. While in deep trouble for rebelling against his mother, the boys experience strange events at the Cartman's household, plus a visit from Eric's uncle Howard and his cellmate, Charlie Manson who broke out of prison!

Chinpoko Mon- All things Chinopoko Mon is cool in South Park--toys, video games and the cartoon itself. Everything Chinpoko Mon is made by Japan manufacturers. However the kids are a little too crazy for Chinpoko Mon toy products as there is a hidden agenda from the Japanese-- their anti-American message in every product. It is a way to recruit kids everywhere in the U.S to complete their mission of bombing Pearl Harbor.

There is also a extra bonus on the DVD of a documentary about South Park creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker--Goin' Down To South Park- it is the creation of South Park and how the two to became rich and famous. It's Christmas in South Park is a very hilarious and I enjoyed from the beginning to end.