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Prickly Heat powder is a medicated Talcum Powder which was created for the tropics. I like its fresh scent and I use it no matter where I am.

It is good for treating Prickly Heat Rash and skin irritation caused by hot weather. It helps relieve itching and skin rash.

Prickly heat powder is usually used after bath as an antiseptic and absorbent dusting powder. It can be used after shaving to reduce irritation. You can use as much as you like, there are no side effects.

In Singapore, we use it at home after our bath. It is used by women in their confinement period instead of bathing. I also heard that it is popular with our National Service men when they are on field exercises in the jungle (it smells good and discourages flying pests).

There are now several different scents of Prickly Heat Powder. Some of the scents may only be available in Thailand where it is very popular. I prefer the pink, which I believe contains Calamine powder which is good for sensitive skin.

Prickly Heat Powder contains Boric Acid, Menthol, Calamine, Scents, and Talcum Powder.

St Lukes Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder is made by the British Dispensary Company. Their website (www.britishdispensary.com) has more information about Prickly Heat Powder than anybody needs to know.

I enjoy Prickly Heat Powder everyday. It is very refreshing, cooling for the skin, and soothing.