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It's Legen....Dary Halo 3 Is Smokin'

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Earlier this year I had the chance to beta test Halo 3 MP as did many others. I was psyched for the game to arrive and it did in a big way. Now, lets start with the bad before we get to the good. Halo 3's campaign is a well written story that ends kind of quickly and tends to be a little dull if you play it on Normal difficulty. In order to really get the good story and challenge you will have to play it on Heroic or Legendary. (Also, a quick tip the ending is different if beaten on Legendary) The graphics are breath taking in many of the areas of this game. The sounds are quite nice as well, but a few of the guns seemed a bit toned down sound wise(SMG mainly). My only other complaint is the pistol they brought back from the original Halo it fires like Master Chief has arthritis(very slowly).

Now, the good stuff as we talk about the multiplayer the reason many of us bought Halo 3. The graphics and level design are superb and if it wasn't for xbox live caving under the massive stress of Halo 3 openning day the experience would have been seemless and a lot more fun(but that's for another review I suppose). I won't get too deep into it, but even if you get bored with the everyday game types such as Slayer or Capture the Flag you can always enter the Forge and rearrange levels and participate in slayer like battles while doing so or take it one step further and play a little rocket launcher baseball on Valhalla with the gravity hammer and very good timing.

In the end, Halo 3 is a very good experience and I suggest it to anyone with an Xbox 360.