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It's Not Current, But I Like It

Reviewing: Sharp 13 Vt R100  |  Rating:
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I bought this in 2002 for my dorm room at college. I feel like now in 2009, the built-in VCR seems so antiquated, but back then, I remember a lot of kids still watching videotapes. Sure, many did watch DVDS, but it was usually on their laptops or on their video game systems attached to their TVs.

This 13" TV kept me entertained throughout college and beyond. In fact, I still use it to this day! I receive cable on it and use the Comcast remote. I have no idea where the original remote is. I lost it long ago.

The TV is 120 volts, AC 60 HZ, 65 watts. Mine was manufactured in June 2002 and it is still working. I don't know why, and I don't want to jinx anything, but that kind of amazes me since electronics seem to break so easily. The only problem I've experienced is when I tape something the playback has these wavy lines. I think I might just have to clean the heads, something I've never done in 7 years.

The VCR on this has "Rapid-Rewind" that means when you press the button, you hear this loud whirring noise. The VCR supposedly rewinds the tape quickly. Maybe way back when that seemed super speedy and perhaps, it does rewind faster than an average VCR, but it does take a little while, especially if the tape is all the way at the end.

While taping, you have to be on the channel you want to tape. You can't watch alternate programming on another channel, or else it will tape the other channel you change to. You also can't turn the TV off if you want to tape something while you sleep. It will tape darkness.

Bear in mind, this is a heavy TV. I can't lift this easily. It's approximately 30 pounds. It was made in Malaysia. I recommend this TV if you still watch tapes and don't mind a smaller screen. Please note: Regarding the the pictures in my gallery, the box on top of the TV is my cable box. You can see that the VCR is built-in right under the TV screen.