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It's The White Rabbit

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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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When we had our coffeehouse/cafe, I enjoyed decorating it so much. I had white bookshelves with collectibles and Victorian theme items for sale, a book area, games for families to enjoy, and a stage where my husband and I sang on the weekends. We had a white fireplace on the stage, and several large figurines. One of my favorite figurines was The White Rabbit from "Alice In Wonderland." He was quite a character, wasn't he? Alice was bored and sitting on the bank one day, when suddenly a white rabbit came running by saying, "Oh dear, Oh dear, I shall be late." If this wasn't quite strange enough, then the rabbit took a pocket watch out of his waistcoat, looked at it and hurried on down the rabbit hole. The rest is history as Alice follows after him.

My White Rabbit is pretty much as the book describes. He has a brown waistcoat, a white shirt collar, and a fabulous blue vest with gold buttons. He has a gold pocket watch with a chain in one hand, and he's standing on a patch of green grass. He's about a foot and a half tall, and he's totally loveable. There's no mistaking who he is.

I decorated one side of the stage with White Rabbit and a few other bunnies, and it went along with the sidewalk cafe/cottage feel of the decor. White Rabbit added a bit of whimsy and charm. Later I saw him in an antique/collectibles store for $75.00, so I got quite a bargain for $25.00.

Now that we no longer have the coffeehouse, White Rabbit is in our master bedroom by the white fireplace with the other bunnies, and I enjoy seeing him daily.