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Its Time To Clean Up

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Is size of your C: drive keeps on decreasing as you browse the web? If yes, then, your computer needs a bit of cleaning . Here, we talk about a software that would just work for you. CCleaner is a software that was basically developed to clean up you cache and your temporary memory. It helps your computer to get rid of the unwanted data that is present on your computer and wasting your computer's memory. CCleaner basically removes all the cached data from all kinds of browsers. Not just browsers caches but it could remove all the URLs that you have visited and other unwanted stuff.In addition to that, it would also remove cookies, download history, saved passwords, saved form information. This saves the cache and the memory on your primary drive.At present, the software mainly is taking care of removing Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari as these being the major browsers in the market. This was from the browser's point of view.

You may wonder it just removes the browsers data, what if I don't use internet at all. Ccleaner still has functions that could help you out. Along with the browsers caches, the software also removes the temporary data that is allocated to an application which is not deleted after the use. These temporary files could often increase in size if not removed.This saves the cache and the memory on your primary drive from running out. The major applications that CCleaner takes care are text viewing and editing applications like Foxit reader, Adobe reader, Microsoft Office etc, Internet related applications like Google talk, Yahoo messenger, Bittorent etc, and Multimedia applications like Adobe Flash Player, Macromedia Shockwave, Windows Media Player, Quicktime player etc.This is just the basic function, other functions include registry cleaning, wiping free space, uninstall and restore points.

Registry cleaning is a process of removing unused registry keys that still stay after the removal of the software. These presence of these keys could give you errors when reusing the software. Ccleaner also performs the task of automatically scanning for unused keys and cleaning these registry keys.

Wipe free space is a new option which is added to the new version of the CCleaner. This option basically removes the rewrites that are present on the blocks of the memory by wiping them through various techniques like Simple overwrite, DOD, NSA and Guttman.

System restore is a feature that is inbuilt in the Windows Operating System and yet not many use it. This software also stores the log of all the restore points that are available and allows the user to get back to the old configuration available at that particular point.

Besides these options you have option of checking your startup, enabling, disabling and deleting of the startup entries.Startup entries also play a good role in the your computers performance. Many programs which are not used frequently still remain in the startup and slow down the speed of the computer. CCleaner allows deleting of such items thereby, decreasing the amount of time required for the startup and also stopping unwanted programs from running. I strongly recommend the use of the software to clean up your system.

The software is a freeware. Could be easily googled or you can download the same from the following link.