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Ivarest Poison Ivy Relief Review

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By 3robins on
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My poor husband is SO allergic to poison ivy. Unfortunately, poison ivy is prominent in our area. Last year, our next door neighbors were burning a brush pile in their backyard. We were in our front yard washing our vehicles. Evidently, the neighbors were burning poison ivy in the brush pile. Every so often a breeze would blow a plume of smoke our way and by that evening my husband's face was very itchy. By the next morning, his face was swollen and he had that dreaded red rash in spots all over his face and neck! Who would have thought that the poison ivy would be so potent in a puff of smoke!!

Since it was over a weekend, the doctor's office was not open, so we went to see the Walgreen's pharmasist. He highly recommended Ivarest. My husband felt relief just minutes after appling the cream. Ivarest is a thick, white cream, but does not leave a white residue on the skin, like other popular itch relief creams we have used.

The tube states that it provides relief for 8 hours, but my husband had to re-apply the cream more often that that. However, that could have been due to the severity of his rash. By the end of the miserable weekend, he had used nearly the entire tube (net weight of 2 oz), but the swelling had gone down and the rash had dried very quickly.

We now keep a tube of Ivarest in our medicine cabinet just for emergencies, but luckily, he has not had an encounter with the dreaded weed for nearly a year. The cream has a shelf life of two years.

FYI to those of you who are highly allergic to poison ivy as well: The doctor told us that poison ivy is probably MORE potent in smoke because the poison oil is concentrated within the smoke, which would explain the severe swelling. Yikes!