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I've Never Been So Warm In Sub Zero Weather!

Reviewing: Joe Boxer Thermal Underwear For Women  |  Rating:
klkwid By klkwid on
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I have to go out to the stable every day regardless of the weather and take care of my horses. I've never really been one to try thermal underwear, but MAN-it's been COLD HERE!! I'm glad I had mine about a week ago when the temperature was about -30 to -40 with the wind chill. The buckets of water were all frozen out there and I had to chip out the ice, thaw them, and refill so the horses had something to drink! This thermal underwear is cheap and effective-I actually was sweating a litle bit underneath!

The fit is nice and snug, and the fabric is fairly thin so I didn't think it would do all that much-I was very surprised how well it worked! They fit underneath regular clothes unless you have something skintight you want to wear out there. Sorry-when it's that cold, it's just not a fashion show anymore-I don't care WHO you are!! They come in a variety of colors including black, white, grey, and some prints with a little color like purple, but again, it's under your clothes, so who cares? They're cheap enough so that when they DO wear out, it won't be too big a deal to replace them.

I bought several sets and I plan I wearing them on some of the coldest days in the northern Illinois winters! Great bargain for the comfort you get!