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I've Ridden In A Camaro Bumblebee!!!

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A Chevy Camaro is not common where I am. But last week, I got to ride in one. It is not the new Transformers Camaro, but an old 1967 Chevrolet 327 of the Rally Sport series in chrome yellow. It maybe an old car, but the body and the engine are all intact. Sure, most of the accessories are new, but the meat of the matter is still the original. My friend has done a great job of maintaining it.

It is a unique sports car that is nicely maintained. But here are my comments from a passenger's point of view.

This particular car has a smooth ride. The muffler (or the lack of it) was intentionally made to be noisy. The car only has two door, which makes my going in and out of the car cumbersome. I was glad that when I rode there I was wearing jeans. If I were in a skirt, I would really feel awkward going into the back seat. That is what I don't like about 2-door cars.

Additionally, this unit was not air conditioned. In a temperate country like ours, car air conditioning is very important because it can get really humid and hot. Since it was not air conditioned, we could not close the windows. And since we went past some areas on the road that were under construction, we inhaled a lot of dust and other powdered particles. I also felt nauseated because I inhaled a lot of fumes from other cars.

Although this car is well maintained, the owner said that this car is a real guzzler. It consumes 3 liters of gasoline per kilometer--that is a real lot of gas!

I liked the fact that I was able to ride a similar car that was used to embody Bumblebee in the movie Transformers. But even if I could afford it, I would not buy this car.