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I've Said 'Bon Voyage' To The Ship

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You're on a luxury cruise, drinking champane, and taking in the entertainment. Everything is wonderful until a large screen flickers on and a sinister voice informs you that you are miles off-course and at the mercy of the ship's owner, Mr. X. The only way to get off the ship alive is to play his little game. Billionare Mr. X has a warped sense of entertainment. He has secretly paired each passenger to a "quarry;"a person that they must kill in order to "win" the game and see land again. As everyone is panicing, arming themselves with anything they can find, and looking over their shoulders, you receive a glimmer of hope. Jimmy, the bell hop, informes you that he can get you to safety... for a price... and a few favours.

The objective of the single-player version of this game, is to play through the storyline above. This game also has a muliplayer version where you can connect to game servers online, playing against fellow human players. There are more maps (ships) to choose from, and different types of objectives in addition to hunter-quarry. The concept of The Ship is very different from other role-playing action games, and drew me in because it was quirky and fun.

The ship was the first first-person computer game that I learned to play. And overall, I am glad that it was. It was a great game to start with as I got used to the first-person perspective. It was also a good way to learn and master W, S, A, D character movement, and how to quickly toggle weapons.

The biggest downside to this game is that it feels very limited. After you have mastered the style of play and gotten used to the different maps, there really isn't much more to do. After a couple weeks, it felt like the same 'ol, same 'ol all the time.

Also, as I said, this game is great for beginners. Experienced gamers will have no trouble picking up this game and playing it, however they will get tired of it that much quicker.

I suppose my opinion of this game is neither positive or negative. The Ship was a good game, just not a great game. I've moved on to other things.