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Ivy Dry Super Review

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Jeanette Dusci By Jeanette Dusci on
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This past summer I was unfortunate enough to get poison sumac. I broke out into a rash on the back of both of my legs. I have had poison ivy before and had a terrible time getting rid of it. They say the rash doesn't spread, but I beg to differ, due to my past experiences. Anyway, I was so afraid it would spread to other areas or to my kids. I got Ivy-Dry at my pharmacist's recommendation. I was so pleased. You just spray it on, which is a great way to apply it just in case spreading is possible. Right away it relieved the itching. I used the Ivy-Dry every time the rash would start to itch. Within two days I noticed that the rash was starting to dry up. So, not only did it stop the irritating itch, it also treated the rash. I've tried a lot of other remedies and products in the past and I have found Ivy-Dry to work the best and the quickest.