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Jabra Bluetooth Headset

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My husband received this Jabra Bluetooth Headset as a birthday gift. He is constantly on the cell phone and my daughter thought this would be helpful. He uses it while he works in the kitchen at our family restaurant. He liked the idea of not having to hold the cell phone up to his ear or position it on his shoulder to hold it so he could use both hands to prepare dishes.

The Jabra Bluetooth is not the most expensive model but it works well. To use a bluetooth you need to charge the battery in it first. After it has charged you then need to synchronize the cell phone to the bluetooth. All the instructions come with the bluetooth and it really is a simple process to perform. After you have synchronized the bluetooth, push and hold the button on the bluetooth until it blinks. Then you are all set to go. You can attach the ear clip to secure the bluetooth in your ear. This black plastic hook can be swtiched to wear over your right or left ear. You can also use the bluetooth without the hook. To answer your cell phone simply push the button on the top of the bluetooth one time. You will hear a little bleep noise and then you talk. There is supposed to be a volume control on the bluetooth, but after pushing the up side repeatedly.........it doesn't seem to increase the volume at all. At first my husband kept turning his mouth towards the bluetooth when he talked. I told him this was not necessary since it picks up sound very effeciently. Sometimes it picks up a whole room conversation.......so be careful when you are using the bluetooth because it will transmit not only your voice but the voices of all those close by.

I use the Jabra bluetooth while I am driving if I get a call. It doesn't seem to fit well in my ear. I guess this is a problem with the bluetooth devices. I can hear the person that calls me but my husband sometimes has trouble hearing them. He usually resorts to pushing it in with his finger and covering the other ear. This is not exactly a perfect fit for either one of us.

To turn off the bluetooth you push the same buttons that you used to turn it on. Hold it until it starts to blink and then let go of the button. You will be able to tell when it's off because the light onthe bluetooth will no longer blink intermittengly. This Jabra bluetooth comes with a electrical connection for easy charging. It usually charges in about 1 to 2 hours.

This is a good basic bluetooth device.