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Jackass Two The Movie

Reviewing: Produced By Jeff Tremaine, Spike Jonze And Johnny Knoxville Jackass Number Two  |  Rating:
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The opening scene starts with the cast of the movie running through a dust cloud in terror. Once the cloud clears, we see the reason for their terror. A large stampede of bulls (with horns) is chasing the movie cast up what appears to be a neighborhood steep with cars parked along the side. If that doesn't catch the viewer's attention, not much else will.

Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Wee Man, Ryan Dunn, Preston Lacy, Dave England and Ehren Mcghehey are just a few of the crazy guys in this cast. Each member is scene running for cover any place that they can find it. The next scene is easily as compelling to watch as the opening. Chris Pontis literally uses his Manhood in this stunt. I don't want to ruin it for you but there is a snake involved so watchers beware.

I had an extremely hard time not laughing throughout this movie. The third stunt or prank really, is a milder one than the first one but is still funny as all else. The third stunt is kind enough to include more than a few cast members and each of their reactions are priceless. Well there are more than a few reasons that children should NOT be allowed to view this movie. There are a few scenes of nudity in their show.

And that's not to mention some of the incredibly dangerous and often painful stunts that theses brave souls perform, all for the sake of our entertainment. I have to say that personally Bam, Steve-O, Wee Man and Chris are my favorites. Their antics make you smile and cringe all at the same time. Be prepared though, if you are going to watch this movie, you had better have a very strong stomach, there were a few stunts that I was actually sickened by a few so watch out.

I have to admit that my husband and I waited until our children were asleep before watching this movie. I am more than happy that we made that decision. Aside from the nudity, there is also a lot of swearing, not surprising considering some of the stunts. I think I would be swearing too.

Overall this is one of the funniest movies that I have seen in a very long time. If you have watched an enjoyed the First Jackass movie, this is what I would call a must see movie for Jackass fans. Please remember to be smart and NEVER EVER try these stunts. Despite the fact that these guys sometimes, appear to be inexperienced and completely insane, they are TRAINED PROFESSIONALS.

Bicentennial BMXing. Need I say more?