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Jade Empire Limited Edition Xbox

Reviewing: Xbox (From Bioware Corp.) Limited Edition  |  Rating:
By coffeeman64 on
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Jade Empire is a great Xbox game with strong positives and strong negatives. If you're a history buff (particulary Asian history), this game is chock full of names and dates! Very RPG oriented: you begin (you can select from several playable characters) as a martial arts student in a small village and embark on an epic journey to save the Jade Empire along with the rest of the world. The game has an intensely interesting story with the option for many side-quests, which give the game depth and complexity. The graphics are okay for an Xbox game, but sub-par to many other titles. It's also FULL of text that give you the option of developing your own personality in repect to the non-player characters, very good programming! On the other hand, if you're looking for tons of action, this game might not be for you, though the combat system is unique and engaging. The major pitfall of this game is loading time. EVERY TIME you enter a new area (which happens frequently), a loading screen pops up for about 30sec. - 1min! This is surprising given the power of the Xbox system. The story is satisfying, the combat is great fun, and the journey is worth the low price you can find it for! Be prepared to do a lot of waiting if you decide to play through it though!