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Jambo Card Game

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cybeeb By cybeeb on
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Jambo is a two player card game where the players are traders. You win the game by being the first player to get sixty gold by selling tea, hides, fruit, salt, silk, and trinkets. You can take up to five actions per turn. The other player keeps track of your actions to keep the game fair. Some of the cards in the deck have people on them and some have animals. These cards will either help or hinder you. This game usually can be played in thirty minutes. You have different cards you play in front of you each game and this makes the game different every time you play it. You buy wares and sell wares. You get to draw a card every turn and if you draw a wares card with items on it that you have then you can sell your wares for money. You can have cards in front of you that allow you to draw extra cards or something special that will help you win the game. Of course your opponent will play cards to block this and you will try to block them.

this is probably one of my favorite card games and it is one you can play over and over in one night. It is a different game every time and does not become repititious. I think this is a fun game, but remember it is only two players!