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James Bond: Quantum Of Solace Xbox 360

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By wattsy1989 on
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Ok for those who like Call of Duty 4, James bond has the same engine as it. Considering this the graphics are not as good but since when is graphics everything. Overall i am very impressed with this game.

Single Player: The story mode is quite fun and can be challegning depending on what difficulty level you play. There are lots of different locations to play at and the AI i found were quite intelligent and accurate. For those who have seen quantum of solace might be bitterly dissapointed as this has parts of casino royale in it as well. You could possible call it "Casino of Soloce."The guns are varied and you get a real feel for them and the reloading times are spot on.The downsides of the story is that it is too short, no Co-op.

Sound: Nothing special in this department. The acting is ok and the voices sound just like the actors. But the lack of emotion in it can be annyoing and you may just want to skip the scene most of the time. The gun shots sound good and you can even hear your own footsteps which is a nice touch.

Multiplayer: This is where the game stands out. There are various game modes such as team conflict, golden gun, james vs all, catch the territory and more. There are around 10 maps that are well made and vary in size so one could be good for snipers and other good for shotguns. There are lots of weapons, gadgets, grenades and add ons to collect you will be playing for a long time. You can even unlock gold guns which looks the part when in a match, people think you have the golden gun :). Too unlock weapons you need points which you win in matches. The points you get depends on what place or your performance in the game you get. Even if you loose you earn points. There isn't really a ranking system like COD4, it goes by how many people you have killed in a row or how many kills you have in total. The only gripe with the multiplayer is that if someone is a host and they quite then the whole game finishes which is stupid but if you can get over that then its all good. :)

Well overall i think this game is great and multiplayer will last you ages, i would rent if you don't have online.

This is the best James Bond since Goldeneye for the N64. no james bond will ever beat that but this comes pretty dam close.