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Jane Fonda's Stress Reduction Video

Reviewing: Jane Fonda's Workout Light Aerobics And Stress Reduction Program  |  Rating:
May Monten By May Monten on
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I bought this tape when I was planning on quitting smoking. I like Jane Fonda's tapes, and I thought that I would need a lot of help with stress reduction after I quit.

I ended up, though, not using the video quite the way I thought I would. It contains three distinct parts -- a low-impact aerobics section, a stretching section, and a guided relaxation session. I ended up doing the aerobics section a lot and usually skipping the other two parts.

The aerobic workout is shorter than the typical aerobic workout -- it's only 20 minutes. It has a lot of interesting moves in it that keep me from getting too bored. Jane Fonda, as always, is very clear in her instructions and seems like she is having fun. I still reach for this video and do the aerobics part when I am in the mood for a short workout.

The stretching part is ok, but I have other stretching tapes that I enjoy more -- a couple of tapes by Tamilee Webb, and some yoga tapes -- so if I want to stretch, I do those instead.

The third part is a guided progressive relaxation exercise, where you tense and release muscles groups one at a time. I think this would be a good introduction for someone who has never done progressive relaxation before, but I have, and I have my own routine that I prefer, so I usually skip this part of the video as well.

So to summarize, this video has an excellent short and easy low-impact aerobics session that I like to do on days when I want a short exercise session. It also contains a stretching routine and a guided relaxation exercise which I think would appeal to some people, even though they don't, that much, to me.

The video is well made, very professional, as is usual with Jane Fonda tapes.

It's available as a used VHS tape. Prices on Amazon start at a penny! Plus shipping, of course. It's also been reissued on DVD where it comes packaged with Fonda's classic "Complete Workout" and costs $8.49.