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Januvia A New Type Of Diabetes Drug

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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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I am a Type 2 diabetic, and when I was prescribed Januvia, along with another diabetes drug, I had high hopes that this might bring my blood sugar down. Unfortunately, it didn't work as well for me, as it has for some people. I really did not see much difference in my blood sugars, than before I started using it.

However, for many people Januvia is the answer. It works differently than other diabetes drugs. It helps to increase the amount of insulin that is made in the pancreas, and it decreases the amount of sugar the liver makes. One terrific feature of Januvia is that it doesn't cause weight gain (like some diabetes drugs), and for me, there were no side effects that I am aware of. I had been told that it could cause cold symptoms, a slight sore throat, or other upper respiratory type infections. But I never experienced any of that, thankfully.

I take Januvia, once daily, along with my other diabetes medication, Glucophage. Another great thing about Januvia, is because it works differently than other diabetes drugs, you are not likely to experience blood sugar lows. It only kicks in when your blood sugar is too high. I have never experienced a blood sugar low with Januvia.

Even though I did not get the desired results with Januvia, my doctor has chosen to keep me on it, along with my other diabetes medication, because she believes it is helping me in other ways, so I continue to take it. Everyone is different, and I think Januvia is very effective for some people.