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Jasmine Scented Gel

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By ladychai on
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When it comes to home fragrances, I can only think of one name and that is Glade. I have tried others but not as effective as glade.

I needed something to freshen my senses in the office. I have one fragrance in particular and that is the smell of sampaguita, the national flower of the Philippines.

I have used Glade's sampaguita scent at home but I cannot use candles or spray in the office so I needed something that I can just place in my table as a decorative or some sort. Something I do not need to plug or have to place water with. Something ready and available and that is where I discovered Glade scented gel. This product is actually good as it wil last for 30 days and you can adjust the container to your desired strength of aroma.

When I checked, they do not have sampaguita so I resorted on my other favorite smell of a flower Jasmine wherein sampaguita is actually a variety. Glade effectively mimicked the smell of Jasmine, my table is located near the office window and I conveniently place my glade near the corner of my table direct to the sunrays. The heat of the sun somehow has an effect to the gel and my table came bursting with Jasmine aroma, this means I do not have to yank the container open to appreciate the smell of jasmine around me. My boss took notice and considered buying one for his office, which by way he did, he proudly announced it to me saying " Look Chai! I bought glade as well just like the one in your table" Well it is good to help, his office does not have any window and is near the pantry so I'd say fragrance is a necessity.

I also use the same product in my room, my daughter has a habit of being curious about everything inside the room so candles and plugs are a no-no. I have a space near my airconditioning unit where I place my scented gel and it makes the room filled with vibrance and jasmine.

The reason why I love the smell of Jasmine is because in aromatheraphy, jasmine is regarded to have a calming effect. It has a sedating prpery and relieves your stress.

Also, there is actually a story about Jasmine, a legend so to speak, the legend of our national flower. It is about love and loyalty which makes me appreciate this flower more.

If you want to know about the legend of our national flower you may read it through this link:

Legend of Sampaguita