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Jsource Online Solution Jdownloader Downloading

At one point or another, You have needed to download something from Rapidshare or Megaupload or Hotfile, or some other website. The Problem is these websites are completely Brutal with their limits. It gets so annoying trying to keep track of time, or trying to get past the wait times.

Some of us have even downloaded other applications, hoping to take them up on their promises of skipping these download limits, But all have failed, Until now.

JDownloader can download from All major download sites, Automatically.

Automatically as in; It will watch your Clipboard and detect download links and Automatically queue them into its list. Then when 1 download is complete, many would think the limit would initiate. But Jdownloader actually scripts a reset for your router, so your ISP IP address changes. This resets the limit timers on Most Major download sites.

In case you have Premium Accounts though, those can also be integrated !

Another Feature that people would like is AutoMatic Extraction of .rar files.

As well as Automatic Updates, that are available to even basic users, And are automatically installed with JDownloader.

I would suggest JDownloader to anyone who needs to download from Rapidshare or Megaupload in several peices or heavy downloading that needs extraction.