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Jeep Liberty Limited 3wheel Stroller

Reviewing: Kolcraft Jeep Liberty Limited 3wheel Stroller  |  Rating:
By feivoli on
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We bought this stroller to be quite honest because we didn´t want to have one of those "Mall-Strollers", and we did want to take our baby running, but we couldn´t afford a really good jogger. And after all, it´s a Jeep. But while we were happy at first, the stroller started to show it´s real face after just maybe 3 months or so of moderate using. Even though it is not an offroad stroller, you can not use it pretty much anywhere but on asphalt or like in a mall. So especially when jogging on unpaved roads, you have to hold on to it with both hands really hard in order for it to not fall over to one side or the other. In a little mushy snow, it pretty much is impossible to steer it. Also, one of the back wheels had an eight after ashort while, too, and we did not go hiking or anything with it. The nice little tray with the wheel broke after once or twice used(where you latch it onto the stroller).

I do kind of like the one hand folding thing, but it also shows it dangers as it is very easily foldable by pretty much anyone. The lock/unlock button seemed tight at first, but now it only takes a touch and if you by accident hold on to the handle (where the push-button for the folding is) to hard, the stroller will fold, with or without your baby in it. And when you unfold it, it sometimes makes the lock noise and seems locked but isn´t really. So you always have to check twice, or else it´ll fold onto your child again.

Padded seat is really not very thick, the height adjusting system is only okay.(it´s a cord that you can tighten or loosen, kind of like with coat-hoodies)

It is pretty compact though and easily transportable, not a lot of storage in the basket though.

I would guess, it is okay for going to the Mall and maybe down your road, but that´s about it. And for those kind of things, I´d rather have a stroller where you can attach the carseat.