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Jeffers Pet Dog Blanket

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We have had several days so far where the temperature has been in the single digits Fahrenheit, with wind chills factoring in to make it much colder. My dog loves to be outside in my fenced yard, but she doesn't have a very long coat. I ordered this dog blanket from jefferspet.com so my dog could stay warm and dry this winter. The coat is treated with Teflon Fabric Protector.

Jeffers Pet currently offers this coat in eight different color combinations. There are two velcro bands that secure the blanket on your pet's back by going around their bellies, and one additional velcro band goes across the front of the pet's legs just below the neck. The coat is padded for insulation and slick on the outside to keep the pet dry.

I don't think my dog has ever worn a coat before. When I first put it on her she acted like the coat restricted her motion. She walked with short, deliberate steps and looked very unhappy. After a few minutes she did move around better, but I could tell she didn't like the coat. I supervised her because my dog is a tenacious chewer. She even tries to chew up her stainless steel food bowls, and I have caught her chewing on rocks out in the yard. My dog tried to pull the coat off her a few times, but she soon was distracted by other things going on outside and left the coat alone.

The second time my dog wore the coat I let her outside after dark. I couldn't watch her out the window and about ten minutes later I found the coat hanging off my dog with stuffing strewn around the yard and the front velcro strap chewed all the way through. I do plan on replacing the velcro and trying it again, or at the very least giving it to a friend with a dog of a similar size. I really am not sure if the blanket truly is as durable as the "Ripstop" name implies. My dog is an aggressive chewer, but I would think that with normal outdoor use the blanket would be less likely to snag or rip. I don't think any dog blanket is chewproof!

Jeffers Pet has this dog blanket in 12 different sizes, from 8" to 30". To fit your dog, you simply measure from the base of their necks to the start of their tails. I got the 22" for my dog, and she is about 50 pounds. I think these coats run a little bit big because when I fastened the velcro around my dog's belly, it wasn't really snug enough to keep it out of reach of her teeth.

I still would recommend this dog blanket because it is very affordable. It probably would have worked out better if I'd ordered a smaller size. I really liked the peace of mind I had knowing that my dog was warm and dry when she was outside wearing this coat, even if it was only one time! The best part is that the coat is so affordable that I could order one in the next smallest size and not break the bank!