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Jenn Air Convection Gas Stove

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lexxia By lexxia on
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Jenn-Air gas fed stove is a dream to use

Had anyone told me a few months ago that I would be using a gas stove I would have cringed and said, "no thank you!" I have never used a gas fed stove and to be honest they sort of scare me. No, not sort of...they do! Well, perhaps I should say, they did. I've gotten acquainted with this Jenn-Air convection stove and I have to say that I really love how quickly this stove cooks not to mention how great it makes even frozen pizzas taste.

This stove is also self-cleaning although I've not yet tried that particular feature but if it is as effective as the electric stove we had in that area, it will be quite efficient I'm sure. I've always wanted a Jenn-Air and now that I have one, I don't think I want to turn back and I'm pretty certain I don't want to go back to an electric stove again after experiencing the efficiency of this gas stove.

The saying, "a watched pot never boils" wasn't observed by a person who used a gas stove that's for sure. Water in a pot boils in roughly 2 minutes on this stove and that is so nice! This stove has 4 burners, two on the left looking toward the stove are for simmering and slower cooking while the two on the right are for faster, higher heat cooking.

The oven is a convection oven which is beautiful to bake with. I don't think we have had a meal yet that we have used the oven for that has not tasted excellent.

I am glad I've had the opportunity to really work with a gas stove and a Jenn-Air in particular. It is easy to operate and includes a digital display to allow for selecting the oven temperature and the cooking time. It is easy to set and preheating is indicated by the digital indicator of the temperature as it rises. The stove is also able to be used as a dehydrating unit offering a drying cycle to allow for making dried fruits, meats, etc. It also has a warming drawer on the bottom which we haven't tried yet but we intend to for Thanksgiving.

This stove is very nice to work with and I love the efficiency of it over the electric stoves I am use to. I don't think I'll be turning back any time soon.