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Jennifer Love Hewitt In The Ghost Whisperer

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I used to be afraid of ghosts and creepy stories. Sometimes in family gatherings, my cousins would tell us ghost stories of our grandparent's old house. How they were able to see a person floating in the air, how they were able to smell the scent of candles and those from the grave. These stories would give me goose bumps.

I have a very strong imagination and every time I hear about ghost and creepy stories, it registers in my mind for days and I get to dream about it during sleep.

One time while vacationing in the province, my sister bought a DVD of the "Ghost Whisperer" Season 2. Since I was totally free from work and was just staying at home, I had enough time to watch all of the Season's episodes. At the start, I was afraid to see dead people walking, ghosts floating in the air, listen to stories about how people died. But then later on, I was able to realize that we shouldn't be afraid after all. The reason why they want us to see them is because they have messages for us to know and some of them need our help. They need our prayers. They can't cross the bridge because they had unfinished business here on earth. How I wish there's someone out there who could talk to the them just like Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) in this story. She gets to help a lot of people and help them find the answers why things happened to them. She explains to them that things happened for a reason and most of the time, it is for the common good. The reason why they had to pass away ahead than the others. She is able to mend broken hearts, promises and relationships.

I recommend you watch "Ghost Whisperer" in order for you to answer your questions about ghosts and the afterlife. My sister is a great fun of it and now, I am too. She already bought Seasons 2 and 3. Now, I have more episodes to watch.