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Jenosa Arma: Bounty Hunter

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Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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This game was an entertaining experience that reminds me of a better version of Super Metroid in which you won't get lost and the boss fights are competent; one boss in Super Metroid even had a safe zone in which I could dodge all its attacks while firing at it until it died solely by crouching in a corner and firing diagonally. However, Scurge Hive has its own mechanics as well. Scurge Hive resembles an SNES game with its graphics. I do like the style but it doesn't push the graphics to the system's limits. The cutscenes that use still shots are pretty good too.

The music can be pretty good at points, with its eeriness and intensity at appropriate times. The projectiles of the gauntlet do sound like air being thrown though, which is somewhat weird. She even screams sometimes when an enemy is about to attack; Jenosa must be terrified.

Jenosa Arma is a bounty hunter. Under a vague mission for a suspicious client, she gets infected by the scurge. Fortunately, the suit slows down the infection rate. All she knew was that it was data retrieval on a planet named Inos and it would pay a lot. The suit also has gauntlets that throw projectiles because this scurge can infect mechanical gear but these gauntlets are immune to being infected by this alien. The story has a decent premise but it really is not anything special.

The camera is isometric, meaning it is from a ¾'s overhead perspective. The only problem I noticed was that sometimes it is set up in a way that you could miss jumps because it looks like the platform is on your level when it really is above you due to how the graphics look. At least they show Jenosa's shadow whenever you are behind a wall, making it easy to control. You aim in 8 directions and are quickly able to change weapons.

The infection Jenosa gets counts as part of the gameplay. The infection is basically a time limit. When it goes up to 100% and if you don't reset it to 1% by going to a save point, Jenosa will lose hp until she dies. I like the sense of urgency it puts here. Fortunately, there are plenty of save points to make this fair. Also, the maps are pretty helpful (they are on the bottom screen which is very convenient); they tell you the locations of save points, nodes where you have to place to power up a nexus (teleporter) or where upgrades for the suit may be.

The game also has its puzzle elements. Your weapons count as tools. For example, the lightning weapon can power up machines and the frost weapon would freeze up enemies that you pull with a tether to put onto floor switches. You also have to get security cards to pass through some doors.

The best part of the game is the manner in which you get experience. You get experience points from killing enemies by picking up their remains. This also restores some of Jenosa's health. However, it won't lower down her infection rate.

There is also the fact that enemies are pretty aggressive; they'll keep you on your toes with how badly they want to kill you. They are weak against some weapons and get empowered by others. For example, a slime enemy would be weak against lightning and especially vulnerable against fire but would get stronger if I hit it with they will dissipate. Hitting enemies with their weakness can also create devastating chain explosions when they get killed; killing other enemies that are also weak against the same weapon in the process. Bosses are also affected by this, and sometimes you have to switch weapons because of different parts of the boss you may attack. I like the frantic feel this game gives me, making me always on the run.

Lastly, you can unlock a boss rush, higher difficulty levels, and different costumes. I'd recommend this game to anyone because it is a fun game with very minor problems. It's a nice alternative to Metroid, especially if you wanted to play a game that resembles its roots rather than the other 1st person shooter style games.