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Jewelry Studio: Wire Wrapping

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Enter the words "wire wrapping" in a search engine and you'll quickly discover that wire wrapped jewelry is a popular past time for quite a few very talented artisans. When I learned of the newest book out by Interweave Press on Wire Wrapping, I had to have it! I was 225th in line on the order list for this book but I finally obtained it last evening!

Anyone who is even vaguely interested in the art of wire wrap jewelry owes it to themselves to at least borrow a copy of this inspiring book. From pendants to rings, bracelets to earrings, there is something between the covers of this book that will certainly catch your eye and push you to at least attempt to recreate the item step by step thanks to the very detailed and photo descriptive instructions.

The book itself is 127 pages in length and includes numerous resources including other magazines and books related to the art of wire wrapping and jewelry design. The book covers everything you need to know to get started including tools and materials required offering detailed images of items and good descriptions of various wires and their gauges and goes on to review various beads and their sizes. Of course there is the Safety First section which explains the best and safest ways to work with these tools and materials to avoid injuries.

With everything at your fingertips, you are then ready to confidently begin your journey if you are new to the craft, by stepping through several Basic lessons which include several very simple yet elegant bracelets. Each bracelet includes several pages of instruction and clear photos to allow you to follow along easily.

The next part is the Intermediate section which bumps up your wire wrapping skills a notch to allow you to tackle more elaborate pieces including rings, gemstone wrapped pendants and very intricate looking gem stone bracelets.

My favorite project is at end of the book, a Patterned Wire bracelet, earrings and pendant made with gorgeous patterned wire. Of course, true to my nature, the simpler projects don't interest me - I am an adventurer and if the adventure doesn't pose a challenge, it doesn't interest me. As soon as I have some time and can gather together the supplies necessary, I intend to tackle this one and hopefully it will turn out well and I'll post it here - it will be an "if I can do it anyone can!" moment to say the least and that in itself should inspire you further to pick up this great book.

This book retails for $22.95 US or $27.95 Canadian but it can be had on places like Amazon.com for as little as $15.95. If you are into creating gorgeous jewelry from wire you'll want to add this book to your library - it holds everything you need to create gorgeous items to give as gifts, sell or keep for yourself and all that is missing is you! An excellent book that was well worth the wait!