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Jfk Dvd Review

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By halcamdad on
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JFK is a fantastic film. Jim Garrison, the New Orleanian who was relentless in his investigation of the assasination of JFK is played by Kevin Costner. The investigation is quite fascinating. The film is based on an excellent book.

I haven't read the book, but plan to. Costner does a great job playing Garrison. The intricacies of the communism network, the CIA and affairs in Cuba are quite fascinating. I'm not a historian, so was very entertained by the film.

Shortly before viewing this film, I read an interesting book on the conspiratorial view of history. The main idea in the book was that a small number of wealthy powerful people control much of what transpires in government and economics. I'm not a conspiracy theorist persay, but did find the story of Garrison's objective investigation of the Kennedy case to be very thought provoking.