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Jig A Loo Lubricant Saved Us $6000!

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During the heat of the summer, our AC went out. The technician we called said the capacitors blew and the compressor was getting ready to seize. Our AC is old but it is a Trane (they say "It's hard to stop a Trane"). The work to bring the unit back online cost us about $280 and the tech said the compressor would fail again. Essentially, he said we needed to fork out $6000 for a new AC, which we could not afford. Over the next several days, our frustration grew as the compressor stopped working repeatedly. My husband decided to look at the unit himself and found the problem was that the resistor switch was sticking. We bought JIG-A-LOO Quick-Dry Graphite Lubricant to solve the problem.

The resistor switch is plastic. It is surrounded by a series of wires controlling the capacitors and compressor functions. If the switch is stuck, either the capacitors will not charge to start the compressor, or the compressor will run itself to death. We could not use just any lubricant because the switch is plastic and wires surround it. We needed a dry lubricant. JIG-A-LOO Quick-Dry Graphite Lubricant goes on wet and dries in a matter of seconds.

JIG-A-LOO is an odor free silicone and graphite-based lubricant. It is greaseless, oil free, prevents rust and corrosion, and works in extreme temperatures (-99 to 986 degrees). When it dries, it reduces friction and smooths the action between moving parts. According to the label, you can use it on just about anything mechanical that may need lubrication: "automobile engines, electrical equipment, pumps, locks, gears, chains, springs, snow blower, maintenance conveyor chains, etc."

To avoid getting the lubricant on everything that surrounded the switch, we sprayed it into a small cup and applied it with a small paintbrush. After it dried, the switch was free and worked smoothly switching on and off effortlessly. It has been two months since we applied the product; we have not had any more problems with the compressor.

JIG-A-LOO Quick-Dry Graphite Lubricant saved us the $6000 it would have cost to buy a new unit. We realize a new AC may be in our future, but this lubricant saved us for now.