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Jilbere De Paris Tri Panel Lighted Makeup Mirror

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By ferret on
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We purchased the Jilbere de Paris Tri Panel Lighted Makeup Mirror from Amazon in 2006 from Folica Beauty Supply. We have an old really good makeup mirror from the 1980s that looked a lot like this Jilbere mirror, but the bulbs had finally burnt out.

This Jilbere make up mirror from Folica had a similar design to our old mirror with the Tri Panel Lighted Mirror. We actually thought this Jilbere might be a newer version of that ancient design.

For 39.99 we thought this would be at least a decent makeup mirror. We thought it had to be better than my mom's twenty year old makeup mirror. We were wrong.

The most important functions of a makeup mirror are the lighting and the quality of the mirror. Let's just say the Jilbere Tri Panel takes the light out of the phrase lighted makeup mirror. The lighting was so dim that it wasn't even as bright as a table lamp. Sadly, this mirror was a major disappointment.

The design looked like it had promise with the dial showing the different lighting settings for day, night, office, and home, just like our old one. The larger mirror in the center with the two side mirrors were also similar looking to our old mirror. But even those things did not function as well as our old mirror.

Then there was the humming. We tried to ignore it, but could not. It was annoying.

We packed up this mirror and returned it to Folica after just one day. They did refund our money.

Luckily, we were able to order new bulbs for our old mirror and got it to work again, but it sure would be nice to have a make up mirror that was made in this century.