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Jobst Relief 20 30 Mm Hg Unisex Open Toe Knee Highs

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Jobst Unisex Health Devices Knee

I suffered a leg injury in December. My doctor and therapist thought that there would be some underlying damage that would cause me to have trouble with my leg due to swelling from fluid. They were correct. I went through a three week therapy. While I was in therapy, the therapist informed me, from then on, I would need to wear a compression stocking. Compression stockings can help a variety of conditions, but in my case they are suppose to minimize swelling and reduce the risk of blood clots.

I have looked at many stockings and tried four different brands. One of the reasons I am trying different brands is that some stockings do a better job on my leg. Another reason is because compression stockings in the compression range I need are very expensive. The third reason, is that there are many factors you have to take into account when buying compression stockings.

Some of the factors are:

---You have to consult with a doctor or rehabilitation therapist on what compression range you need. They come in a variety of pressures ranging from 9mmHg to 60 mmHg.

---You have to know what condition you have in order to get the right stocking.

---Stockings come in different sizes and you need the right measurements around the ankle, calf and from knee to ankle. You don’t want to do damage to your leg by getting the wrong size or compression. Improper fit can also serious skin problems. Stockings that do not fit properly can actually increase the chances of a condition that you are trying to avoid.

Always check with a doctor or a trained professional about size and compression.

---Some people need silicone bands at the top to keep the stockings in place (these stockings are the most expensive) others can use any kind of band.

---The stockings come in open or closed toe.

I ordered the Jobst Relief 20-30 mmHg Unisex Open Toe Knee Highs w/ Silicone Top Band #16978. These stockings come in beige only. They are made from 77% Nylon and 23% Spandex. This pair of Jobst stockings is latex free.

What I liked about this stocking is that it is very firm and keeps the swelling down in my leg better than most other brands. They stay up and are comfortable. I have less trouble with the material wanting to creep down and cause a ridge around my ankle as some stockings do. They are fairly easy to put on for a compression stocking.

The bad thing about these stockings is the price. Even though they are 20 dollars cheaper they still cost 49 dollars. I think they will last quite a while though as they are durable. I got these from a company online called For Your Legs. They shipped them for free and they arrived quickly.