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John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Review

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John Fried Luminous Color Glaze

If you have noticed that your hair looks dull or that your once vibrant hair color/highlights are fading this is a great at home alternative to salon hair gloss treatments.

The John Frieda Color Glaze Glosser is a very effect yet low maintenance way to improve shine & prolong the look of colored treated hair. It also be used on natural hair color as well.

The healthy sheen we have to our hair can become flat or dull due to many reasons-Fading from harsh chemicals or sun exposure. Over cleansing from certain shampoos that strip or scalp of natural oils. As well as build up from styling products on the hair strands.

Going to a salon to improve this problem can become quite costly and now days with everyone's busy schedules it's hard to even make time to go. This at home treatment can be done a few minutes a day while you are in the shower.


-John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze refreshes dull hair with a touch of shimmering/glistening shine.

-Delivers the same results as a salon glazing treatment right in your shower.

-Gentle, Non-damaging formula infuses hair with a hint of color while imparting shine and texture.

-Contains a blend of mild cosmetic dyes and shine boosters, to refresh hair color.

-Not a permanent hair color- will not lift or lighten hair color.

I have used the Blonde & Sheer Glossing Glaze from John Frieda and have been pleased with both.

They have a formulation for all hair types and shades.

-Blonde Glaze

-Bruenette Glaze

-Clear Gloss (for any hair color)

-Red Head Glaze

How To Use:

For daily treatment apply to wet hair after shampooing and let sit for a few minutes and rinse.

For weekly Deep Treatments, apply to dry hair and leave on for 20 minutes. Then rinse, shampoo/condition as usual.

The texture of the glaze is sort of like a liquid gel. Not like a shampoo or conditioner formulation. Depending on which color glaze shade you are using it is tinted to match that hair color (blonde, red, brunette, clear). It is not a dark color, just a sheer tint. There is also a shimmer to the glaze as well. Not so much glitter, but a opalescent consistency.

After the first use I noticed right away that my hair looked more vibrant & there was noticable shine. My highlights seemed to pop more & the color in general looked fresh and more dimensional. Instead of flat & dull.

There have been times after I used the glaze that someone would ask me if I just got my hair colored because it had more life to it...and I hadn't colored my hair in a few months.

The glaze comes in a 6.5oz bottle which last me 2 or 3 months. And the scent is not particularly bad either. It's a very subtle fresh/medicated scent. Not fruity or feminine smelling.