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Johnson Johnson Floss

Reviewing: Johnson & Johnson Reach Floss Mint Waxed Floss  |  Rating:
By mary on
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This small white plastic container made by Johnson & Johnson holds several feet of Mint waxed floss. It has been an essential part of my dental care and mouth hygiene. I purchase this product every month at my local supermarket at a very affordable price. I especially love the mint flavor and I don't feel that I have completed my dental health care until I floss my teeth. I floss in the morning, after lunch and at bedtime.Of course this flossing is done along with brushing my teeth. Proper dental care is so very important because there seems to be a connection to the general health of the entire body. I understand that the heart in particular can be affected if we neglect our teeth. This product is so compact. It doesn't take up much space at all. You can bring it along when you travel or are anywhere away from home. The floss is strong and flexible yet gentle when being used. I particularly like the snap open top which reveals a tiny metal device that easily cuts the desired length of floss. I have found this floss is strong enough to string necklaces and also can be used in making Hawaiian leis. The primary purpose of buying this product is to have better dental care. Everyone should use Johnson & Johnson mint waxed floss. It helps keep my mouth healthy. I love it and cannot imagine living without it.