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Johnson's Nursing Bra Pads

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I have been trying out many different brands of nursing pads lately because I am a new mom breastfeeding my little baby. I have been having my husband buy the boxes of pads because I have not been able to get out of the house to shop for myself. Whenever he makes a run to town he picks me up a box of whatever the store carries.

He brought home these Johnson's nursing pads one time and I thought they were going to be really good. They were thick and soft, more like a large cotton washable pad instead of a disposable sanitary pad. I thought they might be more absorbent and comfortable, but really there was no difference compared to the other pads I have tried.

These pads are not individually wrapped in the box. It makes it easy to reach in and have one ready, but does not keep them for sure sterile. They don't make for good take alongs in a diaper bag because you still should put them in a bag of their own to make sure they stay clean.

The pad is much thicker than other disposable pads I have been using. One problem is that they do not have a waterproof backing of any sort. I did not have a problem with them getting soaked and leaking, but if you are leaking badly, it might show up on your shirt. I did saturate a few, but it was at home so I wasn't wearing anything you would be able to see leaking on.

Another problem these pads have is the sticky strip on the back that is supposed to hold them in place. The strip is so small and thin that it doesn't help at all. These pads moved all over and sometimes slipped completely off where they needed to be. The pad does have a little indented area for the nipple to go in, but it doesn't help to keep them in place.

Overall, these pads did work to soak up my leaking milk, but I would no spend the extra money on them again. They are not much more expensive than the off name brand pads, but I would still not get them again unless it was my only option. This price was for a 64 count box, I can get more for the same price with a generic brand.