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Johnson's Softlotion... Lasts 24 Hours? Try 4.

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By comedyfan23 on
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Every winter my hands and feet start to get very dry. At least once a day they start to itch and it becomes incredibly annoying especially when I am at work.

I went to the store a few months ago to find some lotion that would hopefully remedy my dryness problem, and purchased 2 small 2 FL OZ tubes of Johnson's Softlotion. There were two reasons I purchased this particular product. The first was that it said on the tube that it lasts 24 hours, and the second was that I had used Johnson & Johnson products before and they worked fine.

The very next day, my hands started to itch from dryness, and I put some lotion on them. Right away the itching was relieved and my hands were smoother. However, about 4 hours later I felt the need to re-apply the lotion. This was not a big inconvenience, but I would have preferred the lotion lasted as long as the bottle said it would. I find that to keep my hands and feet smooth all day, I must apply this lotion at least 4 times.

If you do not mind using lotions all throughout the day, I suggest you get this product since it does work fine for a while, but if you don't, I suggest you pay the extra money for another brand.