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Johnson's Soothing Naturals Nourishing Lotion

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Yangmun Choi By Yangmun Choi on
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The Johnson's Soothing Naturals Nourishing Lotion by the Johnson & Johnson company is a nice product that helps soothe skin. It comes in an open top bottle; the bottle is opaque, so it is difficult to judge how much product is left in the bottle itself. The bottle cap is well designed and can withstand a decent level of wear and tear.

The lotion is very effective. It soothes skin quite effectively, what was once dry skin becomes soft and silky. In fact, if the skin is really dry and irritating, once this lotion is applied on the target location, there is an almost alcoholic feeling to the area, and then the next time one looks at the affected area of skin, it will be all better. The lotion has a nice scent to it, a certain near mixture of aloe and olives.