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Joint Md For Aging Or Damaged Joints

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I'm getting older but I still enjoy doing lots of physical stuff. A lot less of those things involve two wheeled vehicles and large four legged animals, but I do like to grab two grocery bags at a time or trot through a busy intersection rather than waddle across. Simple activities like these were almost impossible when I ruptured a disc in my lower back about twelve years ago.

You do hear it go "pop." It sounds like one of those plastic wrap bubbles getting popped, but in a deeper tone. It feels like something has gone terribly wrong at first, then over about two days there will be memories that you will wish you never had. This happened after I had quit one job and two days before I was to start a new one. I had no medical insurance. None.

I learned very quickly what was needed to protect myself from further damage by calling friends and family and networking myself into knowledge. The internet was invaluable, teaching me exactly how long to apply hot and cold compresses so I could get out of bed and impress my new bosses. When I finally qualified for medical insurance I went to a doctor. A full set of x-rays and one MRI later, I was told I had the largest ruptured disc on record without losing the use of my legs. The doc was amazed I could walk, much less still touch my toes.

This was before every drug store carried "joint compounds" that keep joints as lubricated and flexible as a 16-year-old's. There was MSM, Glucosamine, Shark Cartilage, Calcium supplements and Omega-3. I swallowed a lot of supplements and pain killers and learned not to think I was healed just because it didn't hurt "right now". About six years down the road, Joint MD came onto the shelves.

What the heck. It seemed to have everything that wasn't just snake oil. Most of the ingredients I was already taking every day in my handful of supplements. All those individual pills were racking up quite a monthly bill, and seemed to have done all they were going to. I was walking, bending, stooping, lifting at levels the docs thought impossible and I thought adequate. So I tried taking two pills of Joint MD twice daily, morning and evening.

As it claimed, about a week passed with no noticeable results. Then the ( for me ) fantastic part started. My back and entire left leg ( that major nerve was being pinched by the ruptured disc ) began to feel like I'd cleaned them out and sprayed on WD-40. They just glided through movement and stopped throbbing when I took an exercise break.

These many years later my activity ranges from sitting in front of a computer ( at the low end ) to digging out three feet of ice and snow around my car ( I hope that's the other extreme ). So when I know I'm going to get really active I start taking Joint MD morning and night and keep it up for a few days. I honestly believe the stuff kept me away from a surgeon's scalpel, and has a good chance of doing so for the rest of my life.