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Jolly Ball....Tons Of Fun!

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Jennifer Regan By Jennifer Regan on
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If you have a large dog, you are undoubtedly well aware that the majority of dog items cater to small dogs. Stuffed animals made for a 50lb or under dog, are simply not going to hold up to a 100 lb dog...especially if you have two 100 lb dogs fighting over the toy. In our house, we go through stuffed dog toys on a regular basis. Rope toys too. Our male, Keyser, is a big goofball and loves/needs to play constantly. We've come to realize that it's either lots of toys, or our furniture.

Years ago, when my horse was young, she had a Jolly Ball that she tossed around to relieve boredome (a bored horse can do a lot of damage!). With Keyser wanting to play all the time, and destroying everything he touches, we decided that we had to go beyond dog toys made for small dogs and on to horse toys.

We bought Keyser a 10" Jolly Horse Ball. They do make Jolly Balls for dogs, but I've seen pictures of how easily some dogs can destroy the dog version, so we went with the version made for a 1200 lb beastie.

I don't think I've ever seen a dog laugh with such glee! Keyser loves this ball! It's hard rubbery-plastic, and so far (after 5 months), he hasn't punctured the ball. It has teeth marks, but no rips or breaks. The ball is designed to stay inflated even if there is a puncture anyway. He can chew on it for hours and it holds tough. It has a handle for us to toss it, but Keyser prefers to carry the ball up the hill, let it go, and then chase it back down the hill. Unfortunately, my goofy dog doesn't have good breaks and has frequently hit the back of the house, whereas the ball bounces off. But, even with the bumps and bruises, he loves tossing that ball around.

If you have a large dog and go through toys, get a Jolly Ball. Your pooch (and wallet) will thank you!