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Judas Priest: 'Nostradamus'

Reviewing: Epic 2008  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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The sweet sound of that electric guitar rages with such a passion. I love the depth that my soul reaches when I sit down at the end of the day to crack open a beer and listen to my choice music for the day.

Today, after a weeklong struggle to catch up on my bills, I found my self at the top of the rat race. This meant that I had loose money to spend (I don't save). I bought this new release quicker than you can blink an eye. Enter the best electric sound on earth. Chalk up CD # 389 for my CD collection.

Jim at Hot Poop Records in Walla Walla, Washington is a syndicated writer himself of music, reaching into my pocket often with his knowledge of what's hot and ready for me to take home. I follow his advice like he is the master of music. After picking up my latest oldie (Foreigner-Head Games) from the best damn music store on earth, Jim told me of the release fresh off of the mill. I was so damned happy. It was my favorite band of all time, Judas Priest. "Hold this for me until I get paid tomorrow", I told him. Today did not come soon enough.

The CD is way more than I expected. Who can imagine that the bad boys of leather could still pump out this type of sound? This is the best Judas Priest that I have ever heard. This prophetic and soul wrenching sound is beyond that of Ozzy Osbourne at his very best. I can not fathom the height that this band could possibly reach. I am in a trance now.

Each powerful song on this new release is packed with an average of over 5 minutes of music. This one came with two CD's and I received a $6 off award for mentioning that I write reviews at SharedReviews attached to the Hot Poop name as my favorite place to buy my music. It pays to know whom you are dealing with. For $13.99 plus tax, I was handed this new power packed masterpiece, with a "Thank You" for mentioning Hot Poop in my reviews. A bonus promotion CD and a sticker also found it's way into my bag. This is the best place to buy music. I am always treated like a king when I shop there.

I have been a Judas Priest fan for 32 years now. It is hard to believe that this band can still blow everyone out of the water. The lyrics are the best in the business.

My favorite three on this release are as follows:

‘Alone', which is a blast from the halls of the past. This sound is classic JP. You will be lost in the party mode the minute you turn this one up. As a lyricist myself and a member of 3 previous bands of the 80's and 90's, I find myself to be an old dog for prophetic words. I would have to say that this one has the best lyrics I have ever heard. I wish I was that good.

‘Nostradamus' (the title track), is so damn Rock-N-Roll wicked that I am in shock. I am so proud of these guys. I have never wasted one dime of my money on this top-notch band. This song is a real bad-to-the-bone winner. It is intense.

‘Future of Mankind' is the other masterful lick that blows me away. This sound that Rob Halford has maintained through out the years is unbelievable. He is the best. This one is way above the wan-be-bands of today. He is my favorite rocker indeed. How he reaches such vocal perfection is awesome even to this very day. Judas priest is alive and well in such magnificent titles as this one. I really dig this song (and love all the rest as well).

The purchase of this CD comes with a bonus that is worth double what the full price is, plus some. Yes, This one comes with a promotional code for a free JP concert ticket allowing you to see them live this summer in the ‘Monsters of Metal' tour. I am such a music hound. How could I ever pass this one up? I could sleep walk and figure this deal out. I was blessed today.

I would tell you every song on this release, but I really suggest that you will want to hear this for yourself. I can't reveal all the magic of this one. I am just sitting back, inhaling a drag from my cigarette, slamming a brew and closing my eyes. I am in heaven.