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Judas Priest: 'Point Of Entry'

Reviewing: Sony Music Entertainment 1981 2001 Re Masters  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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1981 was a very rebellious year for me. I was fifteen years old and chasing girls for a living. My parents were on the road that year with Tri-State Paving Company. The summer was spent with my Aunt Chris and Uncle Red Bowen! This release was the talk of the day!

‘Heading Out To The Highway' (3:44) started this one off with a wailing rebellion like resistance. Young Rockers all around the world were digging this one!

The second song on this 2001 Re-Masters copycat of the original 1981 collectors item, is ‘Don't Go' (3:15) is about a lover being rejected. Now I will for the first time ever, admit that a Judas Priest song has what appear to be ‘Gay lyrics. I never, ever caught the reference to the fool being the one that was leaving. Wow. I guess it's no big thing anymore, because we all know Rob Halford is gay. Most people listing to Judas Priest aren't usually thumping their fellow sinner with a Bible. The hollow response you will get from a Judas Priest ‘LOVER' like myself is that I don't give a damn that he was gay. He rolled out killer songs like no other.

‘Hot Rockin' (3:14) is next with a very strong gathering of instruments. The strong electric trance that you are put under only proves the legend of Downing and Tipton. These two put us under a spell


‘Turning Circles' (3:40) is my favorite song from this CD that I just purchased for the first time in twenty years. My Judas Priest is almost complete. I have quite a few of the original 15. This song, is the story of my life. I am usually so damned temperamental, that I say the wrong things. I am turning circles, so stay away. This is the message that is sent with a warning. I love this one.

‘Desert Plains' (4:36) is the fifth song on this list of killer titles. This is a song of passion. It is about a motorcycle trip through the desert, into the arms of the lover. "From desert plains I bring you love" and you can only imagine what that really means. A great tune.

‘Solar Angels' (4:02) is another sweet slow rocking song made for the long swift exit on heavenly crafts that hover in the desert skies. This one is prophetic.

‘You Say Yes' (3:30) is about getting drunk and painting the town red. A simple rock song made for the true spirit with a buzz!

The #8 song is ‘All The Way' (3:37), a slick rock delight with lots of Ian Hill bass guitar to highlight the electric, and plenty of Dave Holland drums. Rob Halford is just awesome in this piece.

‘Trouble Shooter' (3:57) is another nasty song about sex being the desire of the moment. Getting beat down and shook until the bad man is better. This has some sweet electric solo's that are so damned awesome that they make you blast it higher! I am relaxing with a beer now and it is cranked to ten!

‘On The Run' (3:42) is about selling your soul for Rock, and for Roll. I haven't quite reached that magnitude, but this type of slinger is what made this band big. It is a heavy-duty song about being free and a prisoner at the same time. Was it influential? Yes. But it did not mean anything more to me than any other great ‘Priest' song. Tough as nails, and still #1.

This Judas Priest Re-Masters CD comes with a bonus track called ‘Thunder Road' (5:10). It was a song written early in the Judas Priest books. It was recorded in 1987 at PUK Studios (Denmark) in December of that year. I really dig this one and it is one I feel that they never should have held back.

The #12 on the CD is, a LIVE recording of ‘Desert Plains' from the 1981 US Point Of Entry Tour. This Re-Masters CD, is a great buy for $12.99 plus tax. The cost of two six-packs! Get this one if you are truly building a Judas Priest line. It is worth your money!