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Judas Priest: 'Stained Class'

Reviewing: Sony Music Entertainment 1978 Columbia Records Release  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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In 1978, the world had a nice taste of what Judas Priest could produce. Following a few previously released albums that didn't reach the surface of the U.S. skin, this U.k. band struck pay dirt in the U.S.A. this album was the true type of iron that forged rock into metal. Every piece on this release is A+.

The first is a fantastic introduction to the winged hero that this band portrays in its music. Rob Halfords vocals can't be matched in this black leather hit. The song peaks and makes you feel like a blue ghost on the pac-man video games. This one makes your heart beat fast.

'White Heat, Red Hot' is #2 on this rock charmer, and is probably the most vintage metal song that created rock metal. This dark song is a hot one. It is molten hot. The #3 track is 'Better By You, Better Than Me' and compliments this great iron metal gem.

The title track, 'Stained Class' is a pretty nice lick, and it preludes my favorite. I get a feeling of medieval forces at work here. Fifth and my favotite title of all Judas Priest licks, is 'Invaders' . I imagine skeletons on horses invading earth with rolling flaming going before them. It starts out sounding like a U.F.O unleshing the band of skeletons as they ride out and onto earth.

The rest of this rocking album/cd is awesome. The 6th track 'Saints In Hell' rocks deep and dark. the next one (Savage) does too! Each of these is great.

Some would call this bands accomplishments extreme. If you want to hear one hell-of-a rock song, then the most radical favorite I have follows 'Savage', the #8 'Beyond The Realms Of Death', and it is called 'Heros End'. this one is spectacular.

Two bonus tracks have been added . The #10 song 'Fire Burns Below', was recorded in the early 70's, and 'Better By You, Better Than Me (LIVE)' tops this mastered remix I own.

This one is a real #1 classic collectors item, and is hard- as- hell to find. Good luck getting hooked up with this one!