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Judas Priest:'Sad Wings Of Destiny'

Reviewing: Koch Records 1976  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This second of the 1976 pair to be released around the world was Judas Priests better album. Though I recall a few months between releases, I am most definite that this was a fabulous gift from the masters of metal, to their fans.

‘Victim of Changes' made the top of the list in dispersion as this masterpiece was cranked out. A long and hollow song, waiting for the sinner to fall into. This music did appeal to us so called rebels that followed the hippie crowd. I magnificent guitar jam beyond the norm of the day. A special band, indeed a gift.

‘The Ripper' is probably the best known early Priest release from this year. It is a lasting guitar torment to the sanity of the masses. Slicing through you like the victim, this encroaching trick can enter the backdoors of your collective mind. It kills.

‘Dreamer Deceiver' is another song that reminds me of early Led Zeppelin. The sentimental coordination among the members of the band on this one is extravagant. Slow, moody, and sensual, Rob Halford maims the competition of the era with such precise magnitude as the old ‘Halford Holler' that we all fell into hell idolizing. The true nature of the human soul can be felt in this harmonic blast from the past. I love the orchestrated allegiance that this group shared in the love of their music. Every chord, every note, every minute of this 100% favorite of mine is exhausting. Before it seems to be over, you ride right into ‘Deceiver' with the power of an army trouncing the enemy. The speakers echo the bass guitar in this, as the house becomes a dungeon full of the ever-popular KK Downing and Glenn Tipton on electric guitar. That Atkins fellow rocks with that Bass guitar of his.

‘Prelude' glides right into ‘Tyrant', a favorite to the hardcore fans like myself. The finger work done on this one by Glenn Tipton is more than a work of art. This killer magician makes the mind flutter like it has wings. I love the destructive attitude of this marching, Triumphant thriller.

‘Genocide is a song that peaks with an interest found in the later albums. This is definitely the work of the best vocalist that ever lived. Halford had a way with working your heart into frenzy. This magnitude of excellence is unbeaten to this day. I have never heard a band that had this type of image as the leaders of their time. All of the work done by these famous old rockers that keep on pumping out the licks, has been collected by my intense love of their music. I can't find a single flaw in this album either. This song is a chart topper that never leaves the mental charts.

Tiptons ‘Epitaph' is next to last with and entirely different approach than the normal Priest song. This one starts on the piano and is very similar at first to an old Elton John ode to some mystical memory. It is a whole different type of work that is even comparable to Queen. Beautiful it is.

Crashing down on us at the end with a final rocket burst, the screaming pitch that rifles you in, ‘Island Of Domination', a familiar epic from the band we all love. Not one song on this album is trashy. I bought this CD at Hastings for $12.99, and I rate this as I would any other Judas Priest album. 100% fantastic, and a must get for your collection. With this purchase, you can't go wrong in building the master collection that you always wanted. I love it. Peace!