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Juicy Couture Perfume: Fun Summertime Scent

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By marnm02 on
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I tried this at Macy's when it first came out, summer of '07. I spritzed a little bit on and walked through the mall to do the rest of my shopping. At first spritz, I liked it, but wasn't sure I'd be buying it. By the time I was in the fitting room at the second clothing store I went in, I was telling myself that I HAD to have this perfume.

It's very interesting, how this one works. When you first spray it on, it's a little alcohol-y, and a little generic-perfume-smelling. Once it dries down though, it is incredible! Fresh, tart, and even a bit sophisticated. And it lasts such a long time! I bought two bottles and used one up completely during the summer.

Now that it is fall, I'm not wearing it anymore. The scent really is appropriate for summer only. It might just be that I used it all summer, so the smell reminds me of summer, and I just don't feel right using it in fall. Whatever it is, my second bottle will be on hiatus until next summer, when I will most likely extinguish yet another complete bottle.

The packaging is very similar to the scent: different, yet fun, and it kind of grows on you.

At first I thought the big fake diamond lid was really gawdy, but as it sits on my dresser, I'm starting to like it more and more. The charm necklace that comes wrapped around the lid doesn't really look good as a necklace, so it stays wrapped around the lid and makes the bottle look really pretty.

This is definately going to be a summertime staple for me.