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Jump Start: First Grade

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I'm starting my second go around with educational computer games. I originally purchased the Knowledge Adventure Jump Start First Grade for my oldest daughter. I was going through some old boxes and my little one saw the game and just knew it was for her. Actually, she was right just a year early.

Jump Start First Grade is for children age 5 - 7. The game is interactive, adaptive, and fun. In First Grade you go to School, play in the playground, ride the bus, work in the lunchroom, draw or paint, and listen to music. You have a dog mascot, Frankie, who guides you through the game to learning.

Your teacher is Mrs. Flores. She gives you question prompts and multiple-choice answers. During play you encounter other students to compete against. You can also choose to compete against Frankie for some games.

In the lunchroom you're taught math, portions, and fractions by Ms. Pickles. You can race to serve the students, count money at the vending machine, or make a variety of different foods.

The best thing about Jump Start First Grade is your child can learn at their own pace. The game also adapts to your child’s level. Multiple children can use the same program and parents can track each child's progress.

Though this game is a little advanced for my little one, she's getting it. I've set it to the easiest level. She is learning things I would have never thought at this age.

Jump Start First Grade only uses 6-8 MB of RAM. You need at least Windows 95, 3.1 or 3.11 or Macintosh 68040 or PowerPC processor with 256-color graphics capability. I loaded this on our XP system and had no problems. Actually it ran much better this time than it did years ago on my old 95 system.

I really think Knowledge Adventure gave my teen the advantage. She is on the A honor roll and college bound. The little one now has the same Knowledge Adventure advantage with Jump Start First Grade.