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Jump Start Preschool Game

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By aidenofthetower on
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I bought the Jump Start Preschool educational game for my son. He is a little younger then the recommended age of two, but I thought we would check it out. It is a little above his level and probably a little above most two year olds levels. Some of the activities available are better then others and are easier for kids of younger ages.

The game opens on the playground. Clicking on each of the animal "pre-schoolers" greet you, or does something special. There are alos other things that happen. Clicking on the flower garden makes the flowers grow and the school bell rings when you click on it. To enter the classroom you must click on the door.

Once inside the classroom there are several actions that play educational songs. This is the part my son at 18 months loves. He can click on the different posters and banners and hear the song. However, clicking on somethings takes to to the games. One example of this is clicking on the turtle in the turtle bowl takes you to a turtle game. Here you match up the number on the mama turtle's back with the number of eggs in the nest. There are four nests in the first level of the game and four turtles.

I was amazed at how many different games there are in this program. There are painting games, matching games, number games, and much more. Each game has three levels and some games have multiple play options. One example of this is when you play the matching game you can match numbers, letters, shapes, or pictures.

This game is fantastic and will be fun for many kids starting at 18 months to 2 years and ending at 4 to 5 years. This game is recommended for children 2 to 4.